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Our purpose: To authentically connect people with the perfect Dubai properties, communities and locations for their lifestyles

What does home mean to you? Is it just an address? A roof over your head?

Home is where memories are made. It’s where hopes and dreams find root. Your home is a place where you celebrate the best of family, friends and life. And it’s where you feel safe, comforted and allowed to be fully you.

That’s why finding the right home is so important. Whether it’s your first-time place, a second home, a space for the business traveller or an entire family, we know that a lot is riding on picking the perfect place.

And that’s not easy, is it?

In addition to the normal measures – size, space, rooms, bathrooms, etc. – for a house to be a home, it has to feel right to be right. You need to be able to feel the heart of a house to know whether it can be your home.

But, that’s a problem, isn’t it? Especially since typical property listings are so full of hype and marketing lingo. If every glossy listing ad or leasing brochure was truly accurate, we’d have to believe that there was not a single bad property anywhere in Dubai.

But, we know that’s the case. And, you do, too.

Duapt.com was created to give people like you a place to cut through all the slick ads and endless lists of features and get down to the heart of matter: finding your perfect home.

We empower you, the actual owners, residents and tenants, to share your experiences, good and bad, of your Dubai properties, neighborhoods, buildings, and residential towers.

With a proprietary seven-star rating system that encompasses all Dubai properties and areas, you are encouraged to share your firsthand insights, experiences and reviews to help your fellow residents and expatriates all across the region find their perfect property.

Be real. Be honest. Tell us what works and what doesn’t. Let us see what’s really going on behind those shiny doors. If you love where you live, don’t be shy. If you don’t, we want to know.

With your help, we can change the way people search for homes – faster, better, easier and – most importantly – more real.

Additionally, with powerful property search options, prospective buyers and lessees can quickly and easily locate the latest all-inclusive property listings in their desired area, tower, and/or building.

Share your story or get the facts you need to make an informed rental or purchasing decision.

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